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Everybody wants to be smart and have smart children.
But let's face it, we like and especially children like to play.
If you are tired of watching your child killing aliens with plasma blasters you will find an answer here.

EduProfix is NOT another boring educational software.

It is actually a game.
 Racing educational game.

However it is important to know something more than just racing:

You have to choose your way based on the questions from different areas.

You answer wrong and you lose some seconds and those who answer correct will get in front of you. Simple as that.

educational games

EduProfix can be ordered online 
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Educational software


Educational games


EduProfix features many different areas that you and your child can learn while playing educational games:

  • English spelling.
    Learn 500 most often misspelled words.

  • Irregular verbs
    175 irregular English verbs. Simple past tense and past participle.

  • Cities
    Capital cities
    Locations of 3200 cities

  • Famous people
    Poets, painters, composers, scientists. What nationality are they? When have they lived?

  • Highest mountains
    Where do they lay?
    What is their height?

  • Famous battles
    When and where they took place?
    Which nation won and lost them?
    Who were the leaders?

  • All countries
    Flags of all countries

  • All chemical elements
    Name, symbol, Latin name,
    atomic number, group,
    discovery year, discoverer,
    melting and boiling point

  • 3 different racing modes in 6 cars

  • Infinite number of computer generated tracks in 4 different environments. You will never drive on the same road!

  • Single/Multiplayer educational games Compete against up to 8 friends or computers!

  • Custom educational games editor to create your own tests and learning activities!

  • Ability to share your custom levels with other users, even sell them

Memory game

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educational games


kids educational games

After playing EduProfix you can really amaze your friends and your teacher with the broad scope of your knowledge!

What's more this educational game features an editor so you can write down your homework and learn them while playing. Imagine how much more fun it is to learn new Spanish words by playing these educational games instead of looking at them into the text book!

Even more: you can earn some money. Just create an interesting level and we will put it on our page. Maybe our users will like to learn what you provide and they will buy it.

The purpose of EduProfix is to attract
 children and adults to the fascinating world of knowledge. In today’s world the people often forget to explore the past of humankind, they forget to read about other countries, about the earth there are living on. The general awareness of many interesting facts is very low. EduProfix is about to change this!

Remember EduProfix is really addictive and flexible.
One of the best kids educational games.

 From now on the boring task of learning facts can be as funny and entertaining as playing a good educational games.

Free download now!

EduProfix can be ordered online 
 for as little as $49 $24 only!

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